Early Stage Design of your AMP NetConnect Structured Cabling

Around the office, we like to poke fun at the car commercial phrase that goes something like if you don’t call me today, I can’t save you any money but there is some truth in this statement.Our cabling design team has been referred into lots of projects after a vast majority of the space layout/architectural decisions have been made or in some cases, the construction project is already under way and beginning our portion is only a week away.In most cases, these late starts works out fine as the standard facility has a 100% drop tile ceiling, adequate floor access/power poles for feeding modular furniture, and server rooms/termination closets that are usually sized just large enough.

ITN wants to learn about our clients projects as early as possible though because not every project or structure is the same.For the projects that we are brought in on late that are different than the standard office, occasionally brand new sheet rock will need to be removed, conduits re-sized, or other extensive and expensive repairs will be required.Please involve our team early so that we can put our AMP NetConnect design training to work early for you!

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