ITN Approach

The ITN Goal

From the very beginning, our core strength and top priority at Interface Technologies has been to provide exceptional quality in our cabling installations with an elevated level of customer service, early stage project planning, and experienced project management throughout the course of the project. This goal has never changed and each day our firm strives to continue to improve on every step of the infrastructure installation process. With our cabling project successes and proven expertise, came a natural progression into servicing the additional technical needs of our client with new product and service offerings. Interface Technologies has now long since expanded into working with clients such as yourself, to provide Avaya telephony solutions, overhead paging solutions, assistance with outdated legacy telephony platforms (5-20yr old systems), and OSP cabling infrastructure including aerial or underground installations for campus type applications.

Early Stage Design

Over the years in the industry, we have continued to learn that the earlier the team at ITN can get involved in your project, the better. The communication-cabling portion of the project is a unique link between current & future technologies and that of your current project’s construction process occurring right now. Involving ITN early in the planning allows for us to suggest or demand certain key additions be made to a project if they haven’t already been addressed, on behalf of you; the client. This effort by ITN will “bridge” the gap between your forward moving construction project and the technical needs of your project. We’ve found that some Architects and many General Contractors are welcome to early stage design ideas and layout suggestions in order to eliminate costly and time consuming changes later. However, the ITN team needs to be engaged EARLY in the design process in order to make these suggestions and additions. To name a few;

  • Dedicated circuit in the server room?
  • Conduit sizing in exterior walls for future cabling?
  • Conduit sizing for furniture feeds?
  • Server room/backboard layout?
  • Multiple closet layouts allowing for expansion?

If ITN is engaged early enough in the process, some of our ideas can even be incorporated into the original construction RFP allowing for these “out of scope” items to be bid competitively by the general contractors/electricians rather than added later at a premium therefore, saving you, the client, some money.

Although the communication cabling planning piece typically comes before all other early stage design suggestions, once handled, it provides a strong opportunity to move into working with you; the client, on further development of your server room ideas, discussing your telephony equipment requirements whether new or currently owned, and any other intended technologies or expansion plans that may have an effect on general construction or our infrastructure.


The founding philosophy of Interface Technologies has been to approach each new project or new client, in the same fashion that a “Communications Consultant” would. Focus first on understanding the goals of our client on their project and then to design towards what is best for the client, in terms of performance, functionality, and cost rather than what is best for ITN. The Team at ITN does this, whether it means re-using an existing phone system rather than suggest “new Avaya equipment by ITN” or re-using existing cabling within a newly leased suite versus the recommendation of an all new cabling infrastructure, because we are in the business of creating client trust, not unnecessary client revenue. For several years after the Dot Com era, many brand new phone systems were left behind in office suites that our new and existing clients had signed leases on. Rather than recommend new equipment to the benefit of our firm and our product sales commitment to our business partners at Avaya, we chose in every case where it made sense to recommend utilizing the abandoned system and assisted in getting the system setup and operational at a much lower cost to the client than a new equipment installation. The level of trust gained with countless clients when taking this approach has been very valuable to ITN as we continue to grow our business through expanded clientele.

The Completed Solution

Whether it be a new office’s communication cabling infrastructure, overhead paging solution, OSP underground fiber optic campus connection, or a new Avaya Telephone system solution, or a combination of all four of these offerings, ITN welcomes each and every opportunity with the approach of a consultant, the energy of an organized contractor, and the follow through of competitive organization focused on customer service and client trust.

Cabling Infrastructure: At the completion of a project, a client will begin to deploy their communications equipment over the cabling infrastructure that Interface Technologies has installed. They will find a professionally installed cabling infrastructure above and below the ceiling as it routes onto their customer specific Server room racking system. At all of the workstation locations and in the Server room, the client will see a consistent and logical labeling scheme specified by the client or a labeling scheme recommended by Interface Technologies. The client’s telephony vendor (hopefully ITN) and data services vendor, will both receive an electronic copy of the communication cabling as-built installed by Interface Technologies showing all of the cable ID’s for both voice and data enabling a smooth move-in and setup of both telephony and computer networks.

Overhead Paging Solution: When complete with the overhead paging infrastructure of a project, a client or their telephony vendor (hopefully ITN) will be provided with a tested and labeled overhead paging system with correct power supplies and individual volume controls based on the customer’s initial preferences. The control unit to the paging system will be capable of handling several different types of inputs and work with virtually any type of phone system that your telephony vendor may want to connect.

OSP Underground/Aerial Campus Infrastructure: After completion of an inter building cabling connection (copper and/or fiber optic cable) via underground or overhead (aerial), the client will be able to deploy both voice and data technologies and equipment over the installed campus infrastructure. An early stage design review of every technology that will be installed now and in the future will assist in making this a successful installation. The client will be able to utilize this tested infrastructure with the knowledge that every step has been taken to ensure that safety and performance standards have been met based on industry wide accepted criteria.

Avaya Telephone System Installation: At the conclusion of the Avaya Telephone System installation experience, a client will find a completely functional and operational Avaya Telephone System capable of routinely operating above and beyond how it was described in your initial “ITN needs exploration” very early in the new equipment purchase process. The level of advanced features available in all Avaya Telephony equipment far exceeds that of it’s competitors enabling you to make changes or adjustments in the future with little expense. Each phone will have a pre-installed professional “desi” or phone designation template used to show line appearances, features, and extensions. Your staff will be up and running without difficulty within 1 hour or less from receiving early morning training. Your system will be operational on Day 1 with a team of experts providing “cut coverage” and on-site training ensuring smooth operation.

In summary, Interface Technologies has experienced great success by treating each new client opportunity as if we were their consultant first and their vendor second, inserting ourselves as early in the design process as possible, meeting all construction milestones through effective project management, working with their Telco providers to ensure a seamless cutover, and completing the project with a strong level of quality with our Avaya Telephone System and Cabling Infrastructure.