ITN’s Approach to a AMP NetConnect cable plant and termination

Since 2003 ITN has recommended to our clients that they install, or consider installing, an all Cat 5eor Cat 6 infrastructure.Most folks call this style of structured cabling and it allows any and every cable in the facility to be used for voice, data, video, scanner, network printer, fax, postage, IP camera, etc.. by simply moving a patch cord! And it doesn’t matter if you have a state of the art AVAYA VOIP Telephone system or a 15 year old key/PBX telephone system, with a couple of 25 pairs and an extra patch panel or two, your new structured cabling solution can accommodate any system. Having a Universal cabling system also allows a very simple transition to an AVAYA VOIP phone system (AVAYA IP Office) in the future.The alternative to this would be to continue to have your voice cables terminate to wall mounted 66 blocks or 110 blocks and your data cables terminate to patch panel.The way to look at this is that they are only data cables because they go to the patch panel and only voice cause they go to the wall field. If they were all AMP Netconnect Category 6 cables and they all ran to patch panel, you could utilize any cable for any type of connectivity now and in the future.

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