Meru Wireless

The Power of Meru Wireless

If you are planning your wireless implementation strategy, and are considering harnessing the business power and efficiency of mobility in your business, the ordinary wireless network just won’t cut it.

If you are considering applications like video or VOIP that requires QOS and needs to be deployed in saturated network environments, your wireless network must have scalability, security, and perform seamlessly in your network. Meru wireless networks are built for business mobility.

5 Reasons Why ITN Customers Love Meru

In our experience installing Meru WLAN networks in the greater Seattle area, we have found our clients enjoy the performance and reliabilty of wired Ethernet but all the mobility of wireless ethernet at a lower cost than legacy WLAN competitors. We won’t mention names here.

We believe Meru wireless networks are so far ahead of the competition, we selected them as our only wireless partner.

The reality is, your network is your lifeline. Here are five reasons why ITN clients enjoy Meru Wifi:

1)Scalability – Your wireless network has to scale with your business.

2)Reliability and Performance – Your wireless network must perform as good as your wired network without fail.

3)Interference Mitigation – Let’s face it, your wireless network isn’t the only game in town. Your wireless network needs to adjust to external interference dynamically.

4)Standards – Your wireless network must adhere to the 802.11 standards. Meru is fully compliant.

5)Interoperability – Your network must operate with other networks and applications without fail.

The ITN and Meru Partnership

Interface Technologies NW is proud to be a Meru wireless reseller serving the Greater Seattle area. We are so confident in the Meru wireless access points and controller product family that we stand behind its performance 100% and have referrals to prove it.

From Wireless network design to implementation we can assist you in implementing your wireless Enterprise so your business can experience true mobility.

To schedule a free Meru wireless assessment call us at 425.774.1377.