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Communication Cabling Infrastructure

Just as ITN has made communication cabling the core of its original business model, we stress to our clients that your upcoming project provides you with an opportunity to have a professionally installed communication cabling infrastructure at the core of all of your network and communication business technologies. Consistent with our message above, ITN’s focus on the communication cabling infrastructure as the foundation for our other offerings demonstrates how important it is to involve our team early to ensure that ALL elements of your infrastructure meet or exceed the performance requirements for your current or future technology solutions. We believe that this focus is what separates ITN from our competitor’s in the approach to a project.

ITN works with many manufacturer’s products however our team prefers to lead with the AMP Netconnect Solution ( CommScope develops, manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of copper and fiber optic communications infrastructure products for premises cabling systems. Other brands the ITN team has worked with include Leviton, Systimax etc. to provide the leading edge of infrastructure solutions to our clients. ITN has experienced great success working with the all of these brands of products and appreciates the strong support of each of the manufacturer’s that we work with. Our relationships with several of the local nationwide distributors such as CSC, Graybar, and Anixter allow us to provide and solve complex supply chain issues involving specific product solutions.

Telephony System Installation & Maintenance

Rising from our early strengths in infrastructure cabling and overhead paging, our Avaya Technology Solutions Group of ITN began offering new Avaya Telephone Systems several years ago. With the seasoned leadership of 20+ year veteran of the Telecom industry leading our Avaya Technology Solutions group, our new and existing clients quickly put their faith in us to handle yet another facet of their communication requirements beyond just cabling and paging. A businesses’ phone system is often considered to be one of the most important pieces of a smooth running office, next to your staff. Any issue with a telephone system can cost a business valuable time, customers, and money which is why expert installation, thorough maintenance, a dependable, quality product solution by Avaya, and a proper early stage needs assessment for a new system are all essential to a telephone system solution properly supporting a firm in their daily business activities. ITN’s commitment to the success of your business and it’s use of your installed Avaya Solution is what separates us from the rest.

The team that makes up ITN’s Avaya Technology Solutions group understands how important your Telephone system is to your business and works through a careful selection and planning process to recommend a Telephony solution that will meet the needs of your firm, now and in the future. Once all the details have been covered, the needs assessment’ is complete, and the project has been given approval by the client, then the team that makes up the Avaya Technology Solutions group takes over to ensure a smooth installation. Database work, programming, training, and management of your Telco services are part of the process and value added portion of our complete Avaya Telephony solution.

Telephony System Maintenance Plans

Click Here To Download the ITN Service Plan

We offer and recommend Service Plans for your communications systems.

Our Service Plan allows you to insure your system against unexpected failures that inevitably occur as your communication system ages. We offer remote programming, programming support and on-site programming, as well as System Admin Training, plus many other valuable benefits not found with service plans from other providers.

ITN’s service plans cover all equipment and labor associated with any repair or replacement. An ITN service plan also carries the added benefit of knowing that any problems that arise with your system will be handled within a guaranteed emergency response time.

Do you already have a Service Contract with another company? If given the opportunity, ITN can provide you with superior service and likely save you money over your current service agreement on your telephone system. Contact us today for information on our service plan offerings (quotes are free) and let us review all the benefits of our support plan.

Thank you for choosing Interface Technologies Northwest, Inc. We look forward to supporting your company’s business communications.


Aerial/Underground Installations

Combining communication cabling, overhead paging, and Avaya Technology Solutions in one company illustrates a strong team capable of handling most any project. Then incorporate the experience to design, project manage, and install OSP (outside plant) communications infrastructure in both the aerial or underground applications and you now have a complete team capable of tackling the most complex overall projects. An example of this type of complete solution would be a five building multi-story corporate campus complete with infrastructure wiring in every building, indoor and outdoor paging requirements in and around every building, an Avaya Telephone System located within a central structure distributed to all users in each building over a combination of a series of OSP Laser Optimized 50 micron multi-strand 10 Gig fiber optic cable and an OSP 100 pair copper cable designated for data and voice communications.

The key to success in the aerial/underground cabling project is advanced planning and design. Advanced planning and design is essential for many reasons including the fact that OSP cables are typically cut to a specific length for the project, potentially challenging environmental concerns including possible street traffic complications, length related performance breakdowns, and pathway concerns such as underground piping and/or overhead pole accessibility. Having the experience to effectively design and build an outside plant building to building cabling project in conjunction with our other service offerings; interior communication cabling, overhead paging, and Avaya Telephone system solutions, makes ITN an obvious choice for an experienced communications solutions provider.