The iPad & Meru Wireless from ITN

The iPad, another WLAN device on ITN’s MERU wireless network!

A week or two ago, the iPad was launched. Most folks saw the size, performance, and well thought out features of the iPad as the immediate draws. At ITN, the iPad suggests to us another serious movement towards mobility.The iPad has the ability to connect to all four recognized WiFi standards. HP and other major manufacturers working on their tablet sized computers suggest clearly that our future is about mobility and that these mobile devices will need to connect at greater and greater speeds and performance. That is where the enterprise level wireless LAN from MERU Networks and ITN comes in! Imagine an educational environment or office environment where collaborative work can be done without being constrained to your desk.This new mobile environment will require the strongest and best in wireless connectivity including slice of time fairness, QOS rated voice, virtual cell technology, and air traffic control functionality of controller based traffic.

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