Your Cell Phone Becomes Your Only Phone

We have already had a chance to chat about how MERU wireless allows you to transition from a cell call to VOIP call on the WLAN using a Dual Mode cellular phone. This technology brings up another future opportunity worth discussing. Imagine a future where your dual mode cellular phone is your ONLY phone!No more desk phone, no more checking voicemail at the office. Software applications downloaded to your dual mode phone will tie to the AVAYA IP Office allowing your mobile phone to take on much of the same features and functionality that you are used to in a desk phone. Wouldn’t it be great to have the mobility found of your mobile phone but with the functionality of your desk phone? Conference calling, call routing, hunt groups, tiered voicemail options, call center integration, etc.. are all things that could be combined with the mobility of your dual mode phone. The power of your only phone being your mobile phone is possible now using AVAYA IP Office and MERU Wireless Networks.

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